Service & Client Administration
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Reminder to timely submit member level Eligibility Changes
Oxford's group policies specify the time frame required to submit member level eligibility changes (employee adds, changes and terminations). Till now they have been lax with the policy, but effective 6/1/13, timeframes will be strictly enforced.
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FAQ: PDP “Plus” network expansion
This FAQ will be sent to all group leaders with fully insured dental plans through MetLife to help address initial questions on the new network which takes effective on 1/1/13.
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Broker Connection: SBC’s Available for 2-99 Fully Insured Groups
In this issue, one of the main topics addressed is SBC distribution for Oxford and UHC. For new business: using online request form (UHC); imbedded in quote (OHP). For renewal: sent to client and members (30 - UHC) (60 - OHP) days prior.
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Oxford Broker Resource Guide (released May 2012)
This guide is designed to make it easier to conduct business with Oxford. It provides easy access to a wealth of information on Oxford products and services, to help you better serve your clients.
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Influenza Vaccine 2011-12 - What you need to know
CDC released Q&A answering questions like: Why get vaccinated? Difference between in-active and active vaccination? Who should get vaccinated?
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