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Aetna Navigator redesigned launch flyer
Our AFA plan sponsors and their members now have access to the new Aetna Navigator secure member website. A streamlined look with new features like patient ratings and reviews, as well as claim walkthrough, help members navigate health care.
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Sample AFA Illustrative Proposal
Starting 6/6/17, you can get illustrative quotes for Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) on our SMART (Small Market Aetna Rating Tool) platform. SMART builds on the QRS system you already know and use for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.
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Aetna AFA Online Individual Medical Questionnaire (IMQ)
For firm rates, or if Long Form is required for Underwriting, you can setup your client online and have online IMQs issued to members for accuracy and convenience. Illustrative quote can be obtained, but rates will not be firm until IMQ is received.
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In-Home Health Assessment (FAQs)
Aetna offers free in-home health assessments to SG members (5-50 in 2015 and 2-100 in 2016). Health assessment data helps get a more complete picture of a member’s health & identify if a member may be eligible for any of their care management.
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Mobile Enhancements for your clients
Aetna Mobile was recently enhanced and now includes features such as: Expanded Member Payment Estimator; more detailed provider searches; link to iTriage; and improved disability/absence management.
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Aetna Mobile Enhancements
Release is directed toward employer groups. Enhancements include: expanded Member Payment Esitmator; provider search tied to MPE; link to their iTriage application; improved disability/absence usage including calendar view.
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iTriage Health Mobile App
ITriage can assist members to find doctors, make appointments, and determine what may be wrong. The app coincides with the White House's mission to improve healthcare through technology, and as such Aetna executive gets invited to meet the President
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eBusiness Webinars for your Aetna Plan Sponsors
Aetna continues to promote their eBusiness tool, as the more efficient tool to process enrollments, adds, and terms; as well as for your clients to pay their invoices timely. Webinars are held monthly on Tuesdays at 1pm.
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Everactive flyer - new way to encourage a Healthier Life (2 pages)
Flyer is designed for group leaders. Explore the online community that your clients' employee will benefit from. This new social community brings together virtual health & fitness resources with opportunities to participate in real life local events.
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We are improving eBusiness
Aetna is improving their eBusiness portal during September. Some enhancements will be: easier to access home page and search options, simplified plan sponsor registration process, and SBC's will be accessible to brokers, plan sponsors and members.
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Aetna offers customer automated EOB program
For middle market clients, Aetna will introduce at renewal a new automated EOB program. The program aims to eliminate paper EOB's, and rather post a secure e-version on Navigator. Eligible members will receive post cards 3 weeks prior to renewal.
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Transition from paper to eEnrollment for groups 2-300
Paper enrollment is now being replaced by eEnrollment, Aetna's secure online enrollment tool. Most groups were already setup with eEnrollment, but now all new and existing business with 2-300 employees will be moved to eEnrollment and paper apps.
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eBusienss Webinars for your Aetna Plan Sponsors
Aetna will host webinars for plan sponsors every Tuesday at 1pm, for any group leader looking to learn how to use their new eBusiness tools for online access, anytime to benefits, billing and enrollment.
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Simplifying Benefits Management
Aetna release reminding us that their top-ranked customer service and online eBusiness tools, will help simplify managing your clients. Whether its eEnrollment, eBilling, or their CSR's; working with Aetna is easy, simple and efficient.
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