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Mandate Delayed for Employers with 50-99 Employees
The U.S. Treasury Department announced new rules concerning the mandate that requires employers with 50 or more workers to provide health care coverage to their full-time employees.
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Delay in Employer Penalties for Large Groups
Highmark released a newsletter, which announced that penalties for large employers who don't offer health care coverage have been delayed from 2014 to 2015, according to the Treasury Department's July 2nd announcement.
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Employer “Exchange Notification” Requirement Update
The following new information has been released on the requirement for employers to notify their employees of coverage options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
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Clarification Related to SHOP Exchange
Highmark released a Reform update regarding the HHS announcement of a delay in the "employee choice" option of the SHOP exchange feature of PPACA.
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Health Care Reform Update
Highmark releases their statement regarding the landmark 5-4 ruling on PPACA, stating the individual mandate is within the power of Congress to impose as its a tax (at its core). Without this mandate, the other aspects of PPACA could not be funded.
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Women’s Preventative Provision - Update
Groups must begin offering the women's preventative health services coverage with first renewal on or after 8/1/12. Most carriers will add this benefit to plans at anniversary. Some groups qualify for an exception but must act fast, read how...
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Update of Health Care Reform
Highmark released a close-up newsletter that announced a few updates: reviews of 10%+ base rate increases, 1 year extension for religious groups who do not offer contraception, and more...
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