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Flu Clinic Reference Sheet
Q&A regarding the reimbursement process for Influenza vaccines and related clinics.
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Commit 2 Wellness - Self-Reporting Instructions
To participate in the AmeriHealth New Jersey Commit2Wellness Reward program members must self-report their healthy activities. Please follow these steps on the attached file.
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Commit 2 Wellness - Vendor List
Wellness Dollars can be redeemed for debit cards or gift cards to a variety of retailers
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Commit 2 Wellness - Rewards flyer
Effective 1/1/12, this program will replace Healthy Lifestyles for AHNJ. Members acrue points by completing a variety of healthy activities. Points can then be used toward gift cards. Completing health profile and 1 PCP visit are required to qualify.
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Commit 2 Wellness - Large Group Services
Similar to the program for Small Group (SEH), this flyer is specifically designed for Large Groups and includes the additional services provided (some at fee) to larger clients.
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Nutritional Counseling flyer
Updated November 2014, the flyer helps members understand the nutritional counseling benefits available to them, including 6 free visits to a registered dietitian. You can find a dietition on
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Commit 2 Wellness - Program Book
Complete brochure for their new Commit 2 Wellness program. Contains all details from how the program works, how to sign up, guidelines, activity specific rules, and more. Feel free to share this with your clients and their employees.
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Flu Reimbursement Form
As a AHNJ member, your clients are eligible for a flu vaccine at no cost if performed at a par provider office. If received at a local clinic, pharmacy or supermarket, AHNJ will reimburse up to $25 by using this reimbursement form.
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New WebMD upgrades are driving healthy behavior change
AHNJ announces that on October 12th, upgrades were made to the WebMD capabilities via AmerihealthXpress. Members can now access a Digital Health Assistant (DHA) which will help customize healthy action steps, based on customer behavior.
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Committ 2 Wellness - January Newsletter
Inaugural newsletter for Amerihealth's wellness program. In this issue, you will find information on how members can get started by completing their personal health profile, and then how they can begin accumulating points.
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Influenza Vaccine 2011-12 - What you need to know
CDC released Q&A answering questions like: Why get vaccinated? Difference between in-active and active vaccination? Who should get vaccinated?
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