Online Capabilities
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Employer Group Portal Access Form
To be completed by employer in order to be granted Amerihealth Xpress access as an employer/administrator. This is not to be used to grant a broker access. Please use the standard BOR/EAF for broker access.
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AHNJ On the Go (1 page)
Download the free AHNJ On the Go app for your iPhone or Android to help you make the most of your AmeriHealth New Jersey health plan.
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ROAM Update - Individual Dashboard (eff 8/2014)
The Individual Dashboard enhancements will enable you to more efficiently manage customers enrolled in individual medically underwritten plans, our retail platform, and the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace all in one, easy to use location.
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ROAM Update - User Interface (eff 8/2014)
The redesigned user interface enhancements include style changes to the logo, headers, buttons, grids, and improvements to system navigation.
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AHNJ On the Go app FAQ
FAQ developed to help explain the various features of the Mobile App, whcih is available on Android and iPhone, providing users with convenient, fast, and secure access to health information they need most.
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New WebMD upgrades are driving healthy behavior change
AHNJ announces that on October 12th, upgrades were made to the WebMD capabilities via AmerihealthXpress. Members can now access a Digital Health Assistant (DHA) which will help customize healthy action steps, based on customer behavior.
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Group Medicare Renewal process (released 9/2012)
ROAM training guide for the group Medicare Advantage renewal process, including how to find, pull, and quote alternatives directly off ROAM. Please be advised that this manual is for broker and GA, and only the GA can submit changes.
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Get the most from your Benefits
Amerihealth's new and improved member website,, has all the benefits and claims information in on convenient location. This 2 page flyer reviews the benefits of the portal: WebMD, Provider find, symptom checker, and more...
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AmerihealthXpress flyer (one page)
One page flyer promoting Amerihealth's online benefit management tool (created 3/2011)
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