“Our company was founded on the principle of integrity, honesty, and strong business ethics. Our corporate governance practices are an extension of these values and clearly show how they benefit the interest of our shareholders and clients.” —Brown & Brown Corporate

Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania

Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania has been a member of the Philadelphia community for over 50 years.  Tracing the roots of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania, you will notice that the name has changed but the establishment was founded in the 1950s in Philadelphia.  Throughout the years, Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania has created a business that is focused on delivering services to their clients.  Our scope of services includes virtually every aspect of employee benefits and brokerage activity through our continual evolution into the Delaware Valley’s strongest consulting and actuarial company.  The success was built on creating an endeavor to partner with clients to help them understand the impact to their employees through a benefits plan and design a program to maximize the impact to the employees. 

From small, closely held corporations to some of the largest employers in the region, we serve hundreds of clients with local, national and international facilities.  Our unique philosophy and approach to serving clients has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing firms of our kind in the region.  Brown & Brown Insurance purchased the organization in 2004.  The name was changed to Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania (and Brown & Brown Consulting) but the focus on always putting the client’s needs first and providing them with the best service possible did not change.  In essence, only the name changed.

Brown & Brown Insurance

As a member of Brown & Brown Insurance (NYSE: BRO), Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania is integrated with the national capacity that is offered through the United States 7th largest insurance intermediary (per Business Insurance, July 19, 2010).  This capacity has increased our ability to provide high-level consulting with an even broader range of services, including property and casualty consulting, by networking with 170 Brown & Brown locations throughout the United States.

As such, Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients and the marketplace since our team consists of individuals with years experience in employee benefits.  The key to our success is our uniquely qualified people, their expertise and our consultative approach.  We are dedicated to bringing the best possible benefit portfolio to our clients, implementing the programs, and analyzing their performance throughout the year. 

Our organization was founded on the philosophy that long-term success in the professional services industry can only be achieved through innovative solutions and a passion for customer service.  At Brown & Brown, we believe the value of our people and our performance is best measured by the longevity of our client relationships.

Our Services

Our team can provide you and your company with a wide range of services, tailored to fit any complex or individual needs.

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Cost Management

We focus our efforts in assessing the critical needs of each client without wasting time, effort, or money.

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Who we work with

Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania is proud to work with clients of all sizes, from all industries and geographic locations.

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